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Terms of use

General conditions and License of Satoshi's Goal (SG) game.


1. Identification of the parties

1.1. The General Conditions and License of Use contained herein are subscribed, on the one hand, SGlabs, as the owner of the Satoshi's Goal application (hereinafter, the Game or SG) and on the other, by the user, interpreted as the person
physical, over eighteen years of age, or legal entity that, freely and voluntarily, downloads, installs or accesses SG, regardless of whether or not you use the services and tools present at any time.

        1.2. The user, by accessing, downloading or installing SG, accepts these Conditions in what may be applicable to any Internet user who simply accesses the platform. When, in addition, when registering you accept them, you declare to be of legal age in accordance with Spanish legislation and submit without reservation to everything that is available here. The Owner recommends a careful reading of this document, as well as the periodic review of its content.


2. The game


2.1. SG is a "Push your Luck" and "Deck Building" strategic virtual card game which objective is to beat the opponent by scoring 3 goals or collecting all the 21 Bitcoin cards (21).

2.2. Downloading, installation and registration in SG are free of charge.

2.3. SG also offers means of contact with the Owner, in order to be able to formulate doubts, complaints or suggestions.

2.4. SG is designed for use on devices with access to Internet. However, the App does not include Internet access or mobile phone networks, so the user must pay the fees of the relevant Internet service provider or mobile operator. Check before the conditions of access and pricing of your provider.

2.5. We also inform you that SG may include its own or Third parties Payments and Subscription Models.

Within the platform it is possible to find payment sections: In-game Purchase like items, licences, extra lives, etc. In the same way, the platform may include subscription models with access to these or other functionalities.


You acknowledge and agree that SG does not operate, own or control the payment provider. Your payment card use is governed by your agreement and the payment provider's privacy policy, not these Terms. You agree to immediately notify the payment provider of any changes to your billing address (or other information) for your payment card.



4. Particular Conditions of Registration

4.1 Identification of the parties

These Particular Conditions of Registration, are subscribed from a side, by the Owners, and on the other hand, by the User, understood as any natural person of legal age who, accessing the Platform, has accepted these Terms and have completed all steps required to proceed with your registration.

4.2 Acceptance

These Conditions will be understood to be accepted by the User during said process of the Game.


4.3 Registration process

To complete the registration, the User must comply with the Privacy Policy and Particular Registration Conditions.

The User undertakes to comply with the obligations fulfilled below:


a. Not registering by deliberately providing false or inaccurate data, as well as impersonating the identity of third parties.

b. Do not trade, sell or transfer the account to third parties.

c. Use only the account registered in your name.

d. Do not use third-party accounts unless there is express consent.

e. Be responsible for any activity that is carried out from your account, and must be updated at all times.

f.  Seek to maintain adequate confidentiality of the data and access codes provided, since they assume the damages that may arise from the violation of said confidentiality.

g. Be responsible for damages suffered or suffered by third parties for a breach of these Conditions or some others that may be applicable.

5. Intellectual and industrial property and license of use

5.1. By virtue of the acceptance of these Conditions and provided that the Owner grants the user a non-exclusive right to use the Game as it is at any time, without the possibility of assignment or sublicense, throughout the world and for as long as the Game remains installed on the user's device,  by virtue of which:


a. The user is authorized for unlimited download and installation

of the Game on your mobile device, although measures may be implemented

aimed at limiting the number of simultaneous connections from a single

IP place or address simultaneously.

b. Likewise, the user is authorized to access and use the Game, as long as it is active and available, for private and private purposes.

5.2. In no case is the user entitled under this license

for use for commercial purposes and/or other than those provided for in the

previous section.


      5.3. This license of use does not imply the assignment of any intellectual or industrial property rights over the Game or any content present therein, being the intellectual property rights over the Game and all the elements that make them up (including programming, design, applications, graphics, codes, text or images present therein,  as well as the published contents and the technology associated with it) sole ownership of SGlabs or having these with the rights or authorizations quite a few for exploitation. Consequently, the reproduction, distribution, communication to the public, making available or Transformation of the Game or any element integrated into it.


5.4. Similarly, the domain name, trademarks, names commercial, and in general, any distinctive sign that corresponds to SG is owned or licensed by the Holder necessary to use them.


5.6. If you detect any infringement of property rights intellectual and / or industrial in SG, we ask you to inform us as soon as possible by writing to the email address



6. User obligations


6.1. The user undertakes to:

a. Make diligent, correct and lawful use of SG, respecting data privacy and intellectual and industrial property, morality and good practices.

b. Periodically review these General Conditions of Use.

c. Control the notifications that, where appropriate, are sent by SGlabs.


d. Do not use SG for commercial purposes; for example, collecting information or content to provide other services that may represent clear competition for the Owner.


e. Do not use SG illegitimately.

f. Do not modify or attempt to modify SG in any way or perform actions or use means aimed at simulating its appearance or functions.

g.Refrain from any action that involves the introduction of computer viruses, worms, Trojan horses or any other kind of malicious code intended to interrupt, destroy or limit.


h. Do not use reverse engineering techniques.

i. Not to damage, disable, overburden, or hinder the service (or the network(s) connected to the service), or interfere with use and enjoyment.

j. In any case, not to perform any type of acts that may infringe rights or interests of the Owner or third parties such as, by way of example, intellectual or industrial property rights (patents, trademarks, copyrights, trade secrets ...).


6.2. Regarding his/her profile in SG, the user undertakes to:

a. Do not identify yourself by providing false or inaccurate data.

b. Use only the profile created in your name.

c. Not to sell, market or transfer the user profile-

d. Be solely responsible for any of the activities carried out from your user profile, having to keep it updated throughout moment.

e. Ensure the strict confidentiality of your data since it assumes the damages that may arise from the lack of confidentiality.

f. Be responsible for damages suffered or suffered by third parties as a breach of these conditions or others that are applicable, such as the General Conditions of Use.

6.3. It is the duty of the user to ensure the correct use of the application, as well as

as maintaining the security and privacy of your keys.


7. Third Party Links

7.1. It is possible to find in SG links or links to pages or sites Third Party Website. The Owner assumes no responsibility for the themselves or on their content or correct functioning, or on the

consequences arising from access to them.


  7.2. Regarding the links published by the Owner, the user understands that both SG and the Owner do not approve or review the functions, advertising or, in general, the content in images included from third parties, even when they are linked from SG; Therefore, this cannot guarantee that there are no computer threats, viruses or malware or that they host content, malicious or old or other links that, once, lead to sites with one or more of the above.


8. Exclusions of liability

8.1. The Owner works so that the services and functionalities of SG are always available. However, SG will be shown "as is", according to and availability according to needs concurrent at all times.


8.2. Despite the continuous effort made by the Owner to protect the systems and contents included in SG, for which purpose it uses the usual security standards on the Internet, it is not possible to offer full guarantees regarding intrusions or loss of information that may occur. In the same way, the absence of viruses or other harmful elements in SG or in software sites such as hardware, of the user cannot be guaranteed. 

For this reason, the user assumes and understands that there are situations that may escape the control of the Holder.


 8.3. The Owner disclaims all liability for improper access to content as a result of the registration that the user is do by deliberately providing false or inaccurate information about your age.

8.4. The Owner declines all liability arising from misuse of Play by the SG user, as well as for the breach of the obligations or commitments assumed hereunder General Conditions and License of Use or in many others that will be corresponding.


8.5. In general, neither the Owner nor its collaborators will be responsible in case of loss of profits or consequential damages for any matter.

8.6. SG is not responsible for problems that may arise from the use of Bitcoin, nor for problems arising from the Bitcoin code.

8.7. SG is not responsible for any damages that may arising out of or in connection with your use of the Game. This includes, but is not limited to limits, claims, delays, direct loss of profits, loss of cryptocurrency, damage caused by your device, computer software, systems, programs and the data therein, and loss of seeds relating to users' private key.


These limitations of liability apply whether the liability or losses are based on negligence or any other base, even if SG has been announced or should have been possibility of such losses.


9. Obtaining BTC

BTC can be purchased from the relevant exchange houses, external to SG.

SG is not responsible for purchases of BTC by the user outside the Game.


10. Indemnification

10.1. If any type of damages, losses or costs (including attorneys' and solicitors' fees) suffer by the Owner as a result of a breach by the user of these General Conditions and License of Use or any other applicable ones, in such case it will entail the obligation to compensate the Owner.


10.2. In the same way it will happen in the event that, as a result of the user's breaches, there are claims by third parties against the Owner, in which case, perhaps indemnify it, being able to claim any expenses, costs, damages or losses derived from its actions.


11. Duration, termination and exclusion

11.1 The duration of these Conditions is indefinite and will extend for all the time that the user occupies his account in SG.

11.2. At any time, the user may terminate these Conditions simply by canceling his user account through the tools of the Game used for this purpose.

11.3. For its part, the Owner reserves the right to terminate these conditions or to block or delete the user's account when the serious and/or repeated breach of the conditions set forth herein or any other conditions that may apply to it.


12. Data protection

12.1. The collection and processing of the user's personal data collected by the Owner through SG is governed by a specific Privacy Policy.

12.2. At any time the user may modify their account data, or cancel it by sending an email to



13. Safeguarding and interpretation

13.1 These Conditions constitute a single agreement between the user and the Owner.


13.2. If the Competent Authority declares any provision to be illegal, invalid or unenforceable, it shall assume that it must be interpreted as closely as possible to the original intent of that provision. Not except, such declaration of one or more statements shall not prejudice the validity of the remaining statements.


13.3. The non-requirement by the Owner of strict compliance with any of the terms of these Conditions does not constitute and may not be interpreted in any case as a waiver on his part to demand it in the future.


14. Language

14.1. The language applicable to these Terms is Spanish. If an English version is offered it is purely as a courtesy, for the convenience of the user. Therefore, the user expressly accepts that they are governed by their Spanish version.

14.2. If there is any contradiction between what is indicated in the Spanish version of these Conditions and what is indicated in the translation, in any case the Spanish version will prevail.


15.  Legislation and jurisdiction

    The relations between the Owner and the user will be governed by Spanish law and, in case of conflict in the interpretation or fulfillment of these Conditions, they will be subject, expressly waiving any other jurisdiction that may correspond to them, unless by Law another different jurisdiction is imperatively determined, to the Courts and Tribunals of Madrid.

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